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The research and development section of the company has its presence in Pune, India. The approach has been designed with four main elements in mind which are well defined customer requirements, analysis, simulating, prototyping and management techniques. The company has offices at many areas today like that of US, UK and Asia which particularly includes India. The company has moved a long way into successful delivery of Permanent Magnet motors, battery management systems and motor drives. The aim of this approach is to develop product and provide project management to several complex solutions that revolve around embedded systems, electro-magnetic and electro-mechanical components. STG has provides itself significant in different areas like that of Motor Engineering, Power Electronics, Analog and Digital Electronics, Mechanical Engineering,electric motor design and modern engineering like that of Software Engineering and Test Engineering. The primary aim of STG is to provide customers, the optimal selection, configuration and other motion controlling solutions. The staff engages themselves in the designs and five-phase redial process and thus has proved themselves competent enough to standout the competition existing in the market. System design and integration is also one of the most vital tasks performed by the company. The company has earned experience over the years in comprehensive analysis of motors coupled with other driving products. This was an initiative by Rakesh as his passion for brushless motors and motor control drove him towards the establishment of STG as a permanent magnet motors and bldc motor development company. The company has in-depth understanding of various types of markets like medical, automotive and industries. The company has developed a very strong base in and around the company. The company has studied the various factors associated with the business over the years and have come to the conclusion that there can be several better solution of Air Cooler Swing Motor Suppliers motor design awaiting the world to come. You should contact the company for such services and experience the difference. They are known to cater these services in the diversified areas of Electric Bicycles, Electric Scooters and Electric Vehicles. There is a group of workers who have published almost 30 publications on the various developments and strategies of the company.

Rakesh Dhawan, a veteran in the areas of Motors, Motor Drives and Power is heading STG.
Strategic Technology Group (STG) is known for electric motor design, development and manufacturing some of the most creative customer specific applications. These solutions would be provided by STG itself over the time. STG is moving ahead in the development of Permanent Magnet Motors, High Frequency Electromagnetic Components, Switch, Motor Control, common type of power electronics, electric vehicles and more.
The company staff is also dedicated towards the innovation and development works that the company goes through. The company has developed a unique and strategic approach known as CARE™. The staff at STG are dedicated and devoted to what they do. The team is talented and consists of top notch performers of the industry and motor expert
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